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  Pixi is a lead figurine factory, so well described by the photographer and graphic artist Jean-Paul Goude: "Pixi makes me think of these great French companies with their codes, their faithful, their collectors, their obsessives and a little crazy enthusiasts, who defend tradition, the fine work and the manufactured. It is a whole spirit, a universe in which I completely recognize myself. There is something at once tender and naive, something joyful and reassuring which can only make us fall back into childhood." This miniature world populated with metal figurines, this great pixi family, was created by two men, Alexis Poliakoff and Philippe-Antoine Guénard. Alexis, the founder and sculptor, and Philippe-Antoine, the conductor of this great community, have succeeded in making this small company, a nationally known brand. By taking up the tradition of the soldiers of lead, they create a new concept by creating new characters, new collections that, as founder Philippe-Antoine said, "would honor our heroes, those of everyday life, the world of the arts, the heroes of our children's books, our passions. " It was only after that they left nostalgia to get closer to another equally rich universe: comics of Franquin, Hergé, or Uderzo and Goscinny.



"Tout Pixi, l'univers d'Alexis Poliakoff"


by Philippe-Antoine Guénard 

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